Your Credit Can Be Fixed


Your credit is not beyond repair. How to fix your credit is a science we can help with.

There are various things you need to consider to make sure that your credit can be fixed.

You can fix anything. There are multiple steps you have to do in order to get your credit score up and to maintain it though.

Sure, number one is pay your bills on time, but it goes a lot further than just paying your bills and not making late payments.

You have to keep your revolving debt ratios or credit cards below at least thirty percent of the limit.

Thousand dollar limit = keep your balance at three hundred dollars or less.

Beyond that you have to be able to identify the errors and the opportunities to get things off your credit that don’t belong there.

Oftentimes, collection agencies don’t follow the fair debt collection practices act – they use illegal practices to collect. Those accounts can be removed.

Oftentimes you’ll find duplicate collections or unauthorized inquiries.

Those are easily removable.

The bureaus make mistakes. There is a system you can follow to correct those mistakes and improve your score.  The Credit Movement uses that system. 

Your Credit Can Be Fixed, it is NOT beyond Repair.

As Always… In case you haven’t yet, you can get started with the following.

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