How to Remove Collections from Your Report


Let’s talk about how to remove collections from your report!

Many of you in the community are coming to me saying how to remove collections from your report:

You paid a collection your score went down and it’s still sitting there? Check out the video to know how you can remove collections from your report.

Or… You’ve got a legitimate collection, you have disputed it and confirmed it’s accurate.


What do you do now?

If you’ve got a collection and you owe it, the best thing to do is offer them payment in full. You always want to get a letter of deletion that states that upon payment (or settlement) they’re willing to delete or remove the account from all three credit bureaus.

Maybe they don’t offer that: Then settle it, offer them 40 cents on the dollar. If it’s a thousand dollar debt offer them 400 bucks.

After it’s paid they’ve got very little incentive so dispute if you can identify an error. When You dispute it with the credit bureaus you will get results look like the video on this page. Notice they are different looking from Trans Union when you compare to what Equifax looks like.

You need to make sure they have reviewed the account and they’ve agreed to delete it and remove it from the credit record.

Understand how to attack your collections. If you owe it pay it in full and get that letter of deletion. 

If they don’t offer the deletion, settle it.  Then, identify an error and dispute it on the back end.

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