Do Not Ever Co-Sign


What is a co-signer?

It’s not that you don’t love them. It isn’t about how how much you love your family member or that friend. That’s just why people typically end up doing it. Still, Don’t ever co-sign for them!
Don’t ever do it.  If you love your child don’t co-sign for them.

Instead Do This

Add them as an authorized user on your credit card you’ve had open for a while.  Help them build positive credit and get their own loan. Make them go out and get secured credit card.

We see horror stories when folks co-sign over and over.

We helped a lady who has a $4,600 collection on her credit report that she’s liable for because she co-signed for an apartment for her sister.
Then her sister got evicted.
She didn’t help her sister in the end and her sister really hurt her even though she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. It’s just not a good idea.
If you co-sign for someone and they go through a tough time they’re going to mash your credit.
Worse, it could cost you thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest on future loans.

So, to recap, if you want to help someone out, add them as a authorized user and recommend they go out and get their OWN secured credit card to start building credit.

As Always… In case you haven’t yet, here’s how you get started.

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