The Most Common Loophole Used to Remove Collections


How To Remove Collections From Your Credit Report – A Loophole

I’m going to share with you a little loophole – To remove collections from your credit report.

It’s actually in the language in the laws surrounding credit and how collections must be reported that can be used to remove collections from your credit report. We just did this for a client who reached out to us asking how much a collection on her credit report was hurting her score.

What we saw on her credit report

The collection agency was listing eight to twelve different accounts.

We got them to delete them all because of code 15 U.S. Code § 1692 of the fair debt collection practices act. This is how Cornell Law School defines the collection practices act law.

A Dispute Reason That’s Easy to Use to Get Collections Removed

This law says that collection agencies have to send what’s called a dunning letter within five days of receiving the debt. The point of this letter is to give the consumer (you and me) 30 days time to either pay it or dispute it if it’s inaccurate or not theirs before it ends up on the credit report.

Unfortunately, oftentimes they put it on the credit either before they send the letter or without sending the letter at all.

You can ask them for a copy of the Dunning Letter they should have sent.

How Can I Get A Collection Removed Without Paying?

If they are not able to show you the dunning letter, as well as the address it was mailed to, within 30 days, then they are not supposed to have put the item/s on your report per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The dunning letter gives you a way to get this collection removed.

What We Did to Remove Collections From Her Credit Report

Because they couldn’t show her the dunning letter, the fair credit reporting act required TransUnion, Experian and Equifax to simply delete these collections efforts from her reports.



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