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What Happens to Your Credit When You Move?

Look at your credit report. Don’t have one? CLICK HERE. At the top of your report, you’ll see the personal information section which includes your name and aliases, mailing address history, social security number, date of birth, and employer history. It is important to document any incorrect names/aliases, social security numbers, dates of birth, employer data, and mailing addresses in your credit when you move. Understand that each address is given an “address identification number” — each trade line on your report is associated with one of those address identifiers. Removing unnecessary addresses will allow a pathway to remove accounts later that do not belong on your report.

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Available through our site, click the ‘Getting Started at the top of the page. This course walks you through, in detail, correcting personal information.

We will walk you through it here as well. Go through your report and document any inaccurate personal information. Be sure to include all previous and inaccurate addresses.

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