This Tip Saved Ryan $216,000.00

five-minute phone call literally saved me $600 a month


I’m going to share with you how a five-minute phone call literally saved me $600 a month so you can do it too.

This is how I save monthly $600 and seven thousand two hundred dollars a year on my mortgage payment.

That is two hundred and sixteen grand over the course of the 30-year mortgage!

How did I save monthly ?

Do This: Call your credit card company to find out when they report to the credit bureaus. Then make your bill payment two days prior to when they report to the credit bureaus.


In my case I found out they report my balance on the 15th of the month and my bill was due on the 17th. So every month they were showing me maxed out or using a whole bunch of the of the available credit when in actuality I was paying it off in full.

I was never getting credit for the payment because of the way that the dates were synced up.

So, I changed my bill due date to the 13th and my score went up 93 points to save monthly!

That’s is how I save monthly upto six hundred bucks a month on my mortgage ~ True Story.


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