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Credit Building and Recovery Can Be Confusing

Don't get Intimidated by collectors or high interest rates.

When you find yourself in debt or with a low credit score, the best thing you can do is find someone with the right experience and expertise to guide you to safety. At The Credit Movement, we've combined the best minds in the industry with an interactive online community improving their financial lives. This provides you with quality solutions from all perspectives. Here are just some of our expertise:

Pre Purchase

The difference between a 3.5 percent interest rate and a 4 percent rate on a $200,000 mortgage is $56 per month. That’s a difference of $20,427 over a 30-year mortgage term.

  • November 2021 rate information from Bank rate.

Debt Management

Debt happens, how you deal with it matters. We can show you how to negotiate with lenders and credit card companies to reduce interest and settle balances to save thousands of dollars in interest payments.

Credit Restoration

While the system works quickly, it is designed for long term, life changing success when it comes to getting and keeping excellent credit. Together we can get you to a stable financial place and keep you there. Simple life changing techniques that have been proven.

Your Personal Guides in the Credit Wilderness.

It helps to have someone who knows the way, show you the best paths.

Even better when you have an entire community to talk to as well as a group of experts. Here at The Credit Movement, we're a community of seasoned veterans and fellow credit improvement beneficiaries.  We know all the ins and outs of credit scoring and can skillfully guide you down the right route. Everyone's path is a little different, but the destination is the same.  We know where you're going and we know how to get you there, quickly and easily.

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About The Credit Movement Community

Ryan David is the founder of The Credit Movement. Over the last 12 years, as a credit repair specialist, he has seen first-hand the direct relationship between poor credit and suffering. Because of this, Ryan has dedicated himself to teaching others how to improve their lives by raising their credit score and taking control of their personal finances.

The Credit Movement is a unique system that aims to educate with engaging videos that are both informative and fun to watch. The content on the site was created by Ryan and his team and has been proven to get results fast.


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Thank you so much for all you do. It’s people like you who make dreams happen.
Robin & Grant

Great Falls, MT

I had $84,500 in credit card debt and a credit score of 440 when I found The Credit Movement.  After following the system I’m now debt free and my score is 820.

Denver, CO

It was like clockwork. I can’t say enough good things about this company. I am in such a better position than I was a year ago. The process was so smooth.

Gary, IN

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